Different types of free apps used for chatting

As we are living in the competitive world and due to the vast changes happening in the technology, the people are utilizing the opportunity to an extent to find their soul mates and friends using the technology itself. Today the usage of smart phones has paved way for so many things which are done with in no time with finger tips and dating falls under this category.

There are wide variety of apps that are available in the play stores that are offered for free for chatting and dating. By getting awareness about the apps people will have a clear-cut view about the apps and will use this knowledge while chatting. People need to be careful as they are chatting with unknown persons and they should be cautious with the things they are doing

Hinge:  This tool is free dating tool, which can easily be accessed by the people having an account in Facebook. This is a cool app, which enables the users to connect and communicate with users within Facebook as well and they can search friends outside the Facebook as well.


Happn :   This app facilitates the users to share their feelings such as they can like and dislike the other users and will have the feasibility to chat with each other when there is a positivity from both the users. The app will go good with android, IPhone and windows. The users of this app have been increasing gradually.

Mono is a chatting app, which enables the users to chat with friends near by and even with unknown persons.  Mono is an instant messaging tool available for 3G and 4G and can come along with android, windows. Mono helps the users to build their social relationships through this app. Users will have the facility to send multi media messages and even they can play games. Users can also create profiles similar to Facebook and can mange all the information. Through Mono users can also get both free and paid membership to search their friends and partners.  Mono also offers marketing tool for local merchants.

Yubo:   The tool is popularly known as yellow and used for the purpose of creating videos live stream limited to 10 friends and also have an advantage of making friends within the same age and the tool has messaging feature

Badoo is a dating app used by the users world wide and is famous across the globe. The app is available in android,  IOS . Purple color and orange heart symbol is the logo of the tool. It has done it’s brand marketing through Facebook.  The tool is being downloaded and used by many users in most of the countries in the world.